Disarm Now Plowshares, November 2009: Susan Crane, Lynn Greenwald, Sr. Anne Montgomery, Steve Kelly, SJ, Bill Bichsel, SJ.


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options were explained clearly; whether they felt supported and whether they felt they were treated with respect.
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    Opponents of the bill say it would effectively ban abortions in much of the state by forcing the closure of 37 of its 42 abortion clinics. Supporters say it will improve the safety of women who have abortions.
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    But some local political and business officials in Florida, Texas and North Carolina, which are home to large hubs for American and US Airways, are asking the federal government and supporting states to reconsider the lawsuit.
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    The Senate bill will likely be less tough than the House's measure in targeting Iran's oil exports, which already have been halved by existing European and U.S. sanctions. The Obama administration has noted that it has concerns about the House legislation.
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