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Transform Now PlowsharesThe Transform Now Plowshares activists sentencing scheduled for Tuesday, January 28, 2014, was rescheduled to Tuesday, February 18, due to a major snowstorm that hit Knoxville, TN where the trial was held. However, there was a morning session which brought very disappointing results. First, after a brief hearing, where the defense was overruled on every objection made to questions presented to government witnesses by the prosecutor, restitution was set at $52,953. Second, the judge ruled that the defendants would not be given “downward departures” in sentencing, which means that the sentences would not be lower than the minimum, with the probability that the maximum under guidelines will be handed out. To read more on the days proceedings and other news, see this LINK. Sr. Megan celebrated her 84th birthday on Friday, January 31

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