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L.A. Catholic Worker Rebecca Casas received a pleasant surprise when she appeared in court on Thursday. The trespass charge from the October 22 incident was dropped with no further appearances scheduled. YEAH!

Fr. Louie Vitale, OFM, on the other hand, had something unusual happen. He was arraigned on two trespass charges, one from the October 22 incident with Rebecca, and when he “crossed the line” on the night of the missile test on November 14, and was arrested, cited and released. The trespass charge from the November 14 witness was dismissed, while the trespass charge for the October 22 incident will be prosecuted for violating his “Ban and Bar” order (banned and barred from entering the base at any time without consent from the base commander). Fr. Louie entered a not guilty plea and will return to court on March 14. NOTE: Both Rebecca and Fr. Louie had “Ban and Bar” letters in effect when cited on October 22.

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