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The 15 defendants arrested at 2 am on February 25,  during the protest against the missile launch, will be arraigned at 8:30 am on May 17 in Santa Barbara Federal Bankruptcy Court, 1415 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Defendents include, Daniel Ellsberg, David Krieger, Judy Talaugon, Cynthia Papermaster, Nicola Torbett, Webb Mealy, Carolee Krieger, Leslie Angeline, Lynn Hamilton, Bradley Capshaw and Cindy Sheehan.  Fr Louie Vitale and Mark Kelso will be arraigned on June 21. Please join us in court for support. Be sure to have photo ID for admission.


Comment from MacGregor Eddy
Time: May 6, 2012, 12:27 am

13 of the 15 will be there on May 17. Mark Kelso and Fr. Louie Vitale will be arraigned on June 21, 8:30 am at the same location , 1415 State St.

There will be another ICBM launch from Vandenberg to the Kwjalein atoll in the Marshall Islands set for the early hours of May 16. If you are interested in having a vigil at the front gate, either at 3:45 pm or at the time of the launch. The exact time is not announced yet but will likely be midnight, 2 am or 3 am with a seven hour window after the start time. email or call me 831 206 5043 if you are interested in a vigil for that launch

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