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Dennis Apel, MacGregor Eddy, and Jorge Manly-Gil have a court date scheduled for Thursday, April 15, 9 am, for their March 3rd arrest. At 10:30 am Bud Boothe’s trial/arraignment (part 3) will continue for his November 4th arrest.

Please support them at the Santa Barbara Federal Court – 1415 State St., Santa Barbara, 93101. For further details call MacGregor Eddy at 831-206-5043 or e-mail: or see MacGregor Eddy’s Blog for further info.

(Ret) Col. Ann Wright will be at a noon press conference following the court appearances.  Court seating is limited, but everyone is invited to the press conference.

Also, check out this Slideshow about Vandenberg.


Comment from Sheila Baker
Time: March 30, 2010, 11:42 pm

Well, I hope this goes well and wish that I could be at the court. What is desperately needed is a drive to remove blue line crossing as a crime, and instead emphasize its constitutionality (Freedom of Speech). A military base’s guard gate should serve as the point of screening people for possible terrorist activity. Just crossing a blue line as a dissenter is part of our right as Americans.
I find the anti-war movement militantly and stupidly reluctant to take on this issue. Now is the time to approach Congresswoman Lois Capps to correct his issue! Especially since militia activity has increased 300%!


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