Resistance to Missile Testing, Space-based Weapons, Drones, and the U.S. War Machine
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See photos of witness at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Space and Missile Systems Station, and Vandenberg AFB, against Minuteman III ICBM Launch at Vandenberg AFB. August 22, 2009 Photos

Fr. Louie Vitale, OFM, and Sr. Megan Rice were arrested at Vandenberg AFB for trespass early Sunday Morning as they “crossed the line” chanting “Stop the tests!” The pair made it about halfway to the front gate before the command “Halt! Security forces!” rang out. Vitale and Rice were confronted by Air Force security. When asked to leave, they knelt, and were promptly arrested and cited for trespassing then released. Read article here.


Comment from Mike
Time: February 13, 2013, 12:17 am

Dear Bob:

We are Insane? What is “insane” is the planned destruction of God’s creation with nuclear weapons, the most diabolical weapon ever made in human history. They are the ultimate blasphemy, the ultimate idolatry against the God of creation, the God of love. Only an utter fool would believe that these weapons have any value whatsoever. They are evil incarnate. To even suggest that they are needed is to associate oneself with the greatest evil in human history. To believe that they are needed illustrates an utter blindness to truth and a rejection of the sacredness of not only human life, but life of every living matter in the world. Please reflect on what you are saying and the catastrophic implications behind it. My prayers are with you, and all those who believe as you do.

Peace, Mike

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