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Co-defendants Dennis Apel, Jeff Dietrich, Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J., Fr. Louie Vitale, O.F.M., and Mike Wisniewski, who were arrested for trespass on May 19, 2007 while attempting to persuade Vandenberg personnel present to leave their posts, cross the “green line” and join the peacemakers gathered rather than support and participate in illegal and immoral U.S. wars and occupations, will appear for trial in Santa Barbara Federal Court on Thursday, December 4, at 9 am. If the trial takes more than one full day, trial will resume at 9 am on Tuesday, December 9.

Prior to trial an evidentiary hearing will be held in Mike Wisniewski’s case to determine if the Oct. 16 motion to dismiss has merit. If the court rules against the motion a trial will immediately follow.

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