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Upcoming Trials

After two preliminary hearings held in February and March, a motion hearing is scheduled for Thursday, September 18, 2008, at 1:00 pm, in Santa Barbara Federal Court for defendants: Dennis Apel, Jeff Dietrich, Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J., Fr. Louie Vitale, O.F.M., and Mike Wisniewski, all of whom were arrested for trespass on May 19, 2007, while attempting to persuade Vandenberg personnel present to leave their posts, cross the “green line” to join the peacemakers gathered. It is expected that a trial date will be set for mid October.

Kate Chadfield, Esq, (San Bruno Catholic Worker) represents Dennis Apel, Bill Quigley, law professor at Loyola University New Orleans, represents Fr. Louie Vitale, Fr. Steve Kelly is Pro Se, with Jeff Dietrich and Mike Wisniewski represented by Public Defenders.

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